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Employees’ opinions posted on the platform Glassdoor: A critical, contextualized interpretation. Daniel Pélissier.

on the December 1, 2020

Gérer & Comprendre n°142 december 2020.

Summary :

Communications about recruitment campaigns and policies have changed with the coming of the Internet and, even more, since the development of platforms, like Glassdoor, where wage-earners post their views about companies. How are these employee reviews perceived by young graduates? A review of the literature distinguishes two currents of research related to this topic. The results of this article indicate that graduates critically evaluate posted comments, in particular as to their trustworthiness. Arguments are presented about a social perception of the websites where customers post their opinions. The influence of this perception explains why these online messages are interpreted in relation to the context. This article illustrates the value and issues of a qualitative study of employees’ opinions, and proposes ways to manage this growing body of data for organizations in a tense labor market.
Updated on December 8, 2020