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Gendarmerie et dualisme policier. François Dieu

on the November 30, 2019

Res Militaris is a bilingual (English, French), peer-reviewed, on-line social science journal dedicated to the study of military- and security-related issues, broadly defined. It is made possible in part by generous support from the Geneva School of Governance.

Based on an analysis of the change affecting the gendarmerie, this article examines the present situation of France's dual policing system. An atypical institution, the gendarmerie is indeed at the heart of the issues raised by the coexistence of a civilian national police force and another with military status. Having reviewed the origins and justifications for such dualism, the author goes on to probe the challenges and alterations that are apt, if not to bring it to an end, then at least to generate a new configuration.
Updated on March 6, 2020