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Industry Day on Computational Social Choice by IRIT

on the June 21, 2016

From 9 am to 7pm
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Interdisciplinary meeting between computer scientists, economists and political scientists who work on topics related to collective decisions and their practical use .

The COST Action IC1205 on Computational Social Choice is a European research network with members from 39 countries who work on topics related to collective decision making, such as elections, fair allocation of resources, and matching markets.

The aim of the Industry Day is to bridge the gap between current theoretical research in computational social choice and innovative applications in industry and policy making related to collective decision making.

The programme will consist of a number of invited keynote presentations by representatives of companies making innovative use of collective decision making technologies. There will also be a poster session for researchers seeking contact with industry.

Craig Boutilier (Google, USA)
Andreas Nitsche (Interaktive Demokratie and LiquidFeedback, Germany)
Elliott Peranson (National Matching Services Inc., Canada)
Jacques Traoré (Orange Labs, France)
Matthew Robb (NHS Blood and Transplant, UK)

This event  will be followed by the COMSOC-2016 international workshop in Computationnel social choice from June 22th to 24th.

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Industry Day is free
Updated on June 8, 2016