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Institute in Private Law (IDP)


Université Toulouse Capitole, 2 rue du Doyen-Gabriel-Marty
31042 TOULOUSE Cedex 9

Phone :
05 61 63 35 78
Fax :
05 61 63 39 12
Email :
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General information

Authority : Ministry

Reference : EA 1920

Departments : Sciences de la société


Research topics

The IDP is open to Master’s degree 2 students in private law and criminal science and to doctoral students registered with the EA 1920 research team. The specialized library is open to them every day from 9am to 5pm.

The IDP is mostly a research centre for preparing dissertations or theses on topics that are undergoing dramatic legal changes.

The Institute in private law coordinates 5 departments:

  • the department of civil law (divided into three areas: contract law, heritage law, law of persons and family law) ;
  • the department of penal law ;
  • the department of procedural law ;
  • the department of professional activities law
  • the department of philosophy of law.

The Institute of criminology   is attached to the Institute of private law.

5 Master’s degrees 2 are attached to the Institute of private law:

  • Master’s degree 2  in Fundamental private law;
  • Master’s degree 2 in Penal law ;
  • Master’s degree 2 in Litigation and arbitration;
  • Master’s degree 2 in Contracts and professional responsibilities
  • Master’s degree 2  in Family law and law of persons.