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Issue - Online humiliation: stakeholders, investigation techniques and prevention. Introduction. By Giorgia Macilotti and Julie Alev Dilmaç

on the October 16, 2019

Issue of the journal Médecine & Hygiène | « Déviance et Société » 2019/3 (Vol. 43) edited by Giorgia Macilotti (IDETCOM) and Julie Alev Dilmaç (Cyprus International University PHILéPOL, Paris Descartes University) Introduction pp. 293-298

Extract from the article:

Humiliation among peers, assaults on dignity, and psychological and sexual harassment have been analysed by sociologists, psychologists and even criminologists. These ‘toxic’ and ‘unhealthy’ interactions that call into question the honour and dignity of the individual, which have been observed in professional environments (see, for example, Hirigoyen, 2002; Leymann, 1993; Ravisy, 2000) and school settings (particularly Saint Martin, 2012; Tisseron, 2012), now seem to be reflected online. Various terms are used in the literature to refer to these acts: we talk about ‘cyberstalking’, ‘cyberbullying’ and even ‘digital humiliation’.
Updated on February 11, 2020