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IXth Congress of the World Mediation Forum (Canada) : Lise Casaux-Labrunée and 2 PhD students of the Institute of Private Law (IDP) will present the research project "Obstacles hampering the development of mediation in France"

from May 17, 2017 to May 19, 2017

Manoir Saint Sauveur Laurentides - Québec - Canada

Lise Casaux Labrunée, professor at University Toulouse Capitole, Adeline Audrerie and Marie Junqua, who are currently PhD students at IDP will attend the IXth Congress of the World Mediation Forum in Canada. They will present their research project exploring the issue of obstacles to the development of mediation in France.

The Institute of Private Law (IDP) of University Toulouse 1 Capitole (EA 1920) focuses its research on the amicable resolution of litigations. The IDP directed by Professor Lise Casaux-Labrunée is conducting a research project initiated in 2015 which deals with the obstacles hampering and slowing down the development of mediation in France. The project involves more than ten researchers-lectures of the University of Toulouse. It is carried out in collaboration with a research team of Sherbrook University (Quebec) led by Professor Jean-François Roberge, one of the world high-ranking researchers in this field. The results of this collaborative research work will be published next fall with Lextenso Publishers (LGDJ, Hors collection).

The IXth Conference of the World Forum Mediation to be held in Quebec from May 17th to May19th will be a great oppportunity for Lise Casaux-Labrunée, for Adeline Audrerie, PhD student under co-supervision by L Casaux-L. and Jean-François Roberge and for Marie Junqua who is writing a PhD thesis on « The Quality of Labour Justice » to present their results in front of international experts.

They will address the following topics:
  • "Trust and mediation" (L.C Labrunée)
  • "Reconsidering the role of mediation in justice in the 21st century" (A.Audrerie)
  • "The potential of mediation in labour juridictions" (M.Junqua)
This event held in North America and more particularly in Quebec for the first time will gather experts on mediation from all continents who will share experiences and discuss the limitations and prospects of mediation in widely varying conflict situations and contexts of intervention.

Partners :
The World Forum on Mediation is a world inter-disciplinary non-profit organization designed to assist world mediators. One of its core missions consists in fostering the exchange of knowledge, information and competences in the mediation field through the regular organization of international conferences worldwide for more than fifteen years (Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, Venezuela,etc…).
Updated on May 11, 2017