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Jihadism and the family. A heuristic model questioned, energised and augmented. Jérôme Ferret, Farhad Khosrokhavar, Bruno Domingo

on the December 29, 2021

In "Family and Jihadism. A Socio-Anthropological Approach to the French Experience". By Jérôme Ferret, Farhad Khosrokhavar. Chapter 8|17 pages.


The various surveys on jihadist cells in the region of south France described at length in this book have enabled us to sophisticate our initial model and to discover new combinations, new variables to explain the causality between family and new jihadism: Family dynamics (Several family models tried out within the same family, Neo-Umma, extended families); Father figures; Failed family transmissions, wounded subjectivities; Neo-fratriacular mythologies; Family clanism; Three charisms: taciturn, talkative and hidden; The urban variable: jihadogenic structures, nationalisms; and Scripted martyrology.
Updated on January 4, 2022