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Space lawmaking, Lucien Rapp

on the July 2, 2018

The Space Review. Laws in the United States governing space activities are different from those in other countries, but all have to comply with each country’s treaty obligations.

For almost half a century, the body of space treaties (“Corpus Juris Spatialis”) ensured the legal environment in the space sector, addressing the principles of exploration and use of outer space. Despite this multilateral normative framework, treaties now seem to struggle to keep up with the development of outer space activity. It is concomitantly being challenged by the growth of commercialization and privatization of space activities, with the arrival of new entrants into the space operations market; and by national regulation, both part of the space sector. In this context, states are regulating space activities through the enactment of national laws and regulations.1 Resort to national regulation plays purposeful functions ... read more
Updated on July 16, 2019