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The devil’s in the method: a short ethical treatise railing against the pharisees. By Guillaume Sire

on the March 29, 2019

This work presents how society, in matters of morality, tends to substitute the rule for the very principle on which the rule is based.

In his essay, Guillaume Sire claims that the worst social tragedies have always had the same cause. 
They are connected by the human tendency to deify the laws that have been promulgated on the basis of a principle, which in fact is actually far more divine. However, the principle is quickly discarded for the laws set in stone. 
He sets out that this error is not only unfortunate but it is evil itself. 
Modernity has cleared the way for it. 
The devil rules and the pharisees serve it. 
Some people quote from a holy book, others refer to a political manifesto, others still to human rights, the law of markets, a trove of possible technology or natural law. However, they always refer to a set rule rather than a principle. In the end, it is systematically the law of the strongest that holds sway, the devil’s law.

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ISBN : 978-2-36392-325-7
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Nb. de pages : 140 pages

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Updated on July 16, 2019