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"The principles of the area of freedom, security and justice" GDR IRDEIC doctoral workshops

from March 26, 2015 to May 18, 2015

Registration deadline: 18 May 2015 to
Doctoral workshops: 4 and 5 June 2015

IRDEIC is a member of the European academic network, CNRS accredited and dedicated to the European Union law of the area of freedom, security & justice.

The principles of the area of freedom, security and justice

Back to Toulouse where they had held their first edition, the GDR-CNRS RUEDELSJ 7th doctoral workshops will be dedicated to the European Union "principles of the Area of freedom, security and justice".

After analyzing the various institutional data of the area, from its external dimension to its geometry and a focus on the position of the court, the reasons for such principles and their functions will be examined, providing an altogether informative and federating theme of study.
Federative indeed for everybody, particularly for the PhD students who will acknowledge the value of such a focus: whether studying private or public law, international or European or national law, they all know that they are to master the application of these principles whose material, institutional or political dimensions are obvious.

From subsidiarity to reciprocal trust, from solidarity to universality, the identification of these principles has never been completed..
Working collectively will then enable us to put into perspective their function within the Union, whether they are shared across the Union or specific to the area, exactly like what the Court of justice did when issuing opinion 2/ concluding against CEDH membership.

This will be the major endeavor of the Toulouse workshop participants, both faculty and PhD students.

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