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"What could binary modalities be useful for?", Joseph Boudou, IRIT

on the April 9, 2018


"What are binary modalities for?". English conférence.

Logic has been successfully used in many different fields of computer sciences.

In particular, modal logics have many applications in artificial intelligence, thanks to the relational interpretation of unary modalities. This interpretation allows to consider different states of the world connected by some relations. For instance, considering successive states in time gives rise to temporal modal logics. Recently an new interpretation has been given for binary modalities, that allows to separate states into substates, hence to explore constituents of the considered object.  For instance, such a binary modality could be used to reason about a group of agents by allowing to consider different decompositions of this group into subgroups. The aim of the talk is to show that this interpretation of binary modalities opens up promising applications of logic to current topics of artificial intelligence.

I will first introduce logics in general and more specificaly modal logics, and I will show how these logics are used in computer sciences. Then I will introduce binary modalities and their "division" interpretation, along with some known results about them. Finally, I will propose some possible applications of logics with such binary modalities to different topics in artificial intelligence.
Updated on April 9, 2018