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Which Jurisdiction for Private In-space Assembled Autonomous Platforms? Lucien Rapp, Maria Topka, Lucas Mallowan.

on the February 23, 2021

In progress (May 2021)
This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.

Space Policy 56 (2021) article 101413

Abstract :

This article builds a model for determining the law applicable to in-space assembled autonomous platforms and the services they are likely to provide. It makes a comprehensive inventory of the new challenges and emerging industry trends in the field of in-space assembly. It identifies some of the most significant industrial projects, which are currently engaged or contemplated. It then examines the status of such private platforms assembled in space in terms of both international rules and state jurisdiction. It suggests an approach that distinguishes the service provided from the physical platform itself, which would enable States to regulate service operation. The conclusion sets out a series of practical recommendations that could be implemented at different levels.

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