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Workshops on European administrative law

from February 10, 2014 to February 28, 2014

UT1 Capitole University and the CEDECE (Center of Excellence for European Union Studies) invite PhD students to take part in the workshops to be held on June 26th and 27th 2014.

The PhD students will be given the opportunity to work on a topic relating EU law and administrative law and also to meet and exchange views on the subject.

The workshops will cover two subject areas:

Theme 1 - Building EU administrative law:
Identification of an EU administrative model taking onboard decision-making processes and procedures, structures and more particularly regulatory agencies, as well as legal proceedings. This will serve as a draft model of EU administrative law.

The workshop intends to cover the various chapters of this legal corpus with theses dealing
with the European public services, the European regulatory framework, the responsibility of European public authorities, regulatory models consisting in administrative bodies (agencies), internal measures, EU administrative judge functions…

Theme 2- Deconstructing and reshaping the administrative law of member states

Areas covered: the impact of EU law or more broadly speaking of European law on administrative actions and on administrative law concepts in the member states.
Theses on local and regional authorities, public procurement law, the evolution of public actions and public service instruments, administrative proceedings would be relevant
Even if the constraints resulting from European integration through administrative action must be taken onboard, fundamental aspects of administrative law are bound to evolve: e.g unilateral acts, administrative contracts, public service or public power concepts…

The applicants must send :
  • A cv
  • A presentation of the thesis and a research work progress report
  • A certificate written by the thesis supervisor clearly stating his/her identity and details.
Applications must be sent by e-mail before February 28th 2014 to:
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