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World Heritage sites in France. By Clémentine Bories

on the September 2, 2019

In ‘La France et la condition internationale des personnes et des biens’ [France and the global condition of people and property]’. Edited by Gérard Cahin, Florence Poirat and Sandra Szurek.

Following a general overview of France’s foreign legal policy and its relations with international organisations, this third volume of the ‘La France et le droit international’[France and international law] collection looks at French policy in its relations with private individuals and property, whether French people and property abroad or foreign people and property in France.

In accordance with the basic principle of the collection, academics and senior officials have once again joined forces to shed light on the varied and complex issues addressed in the three sections of this book. The first section covers the issue of the ties between people, property and activities, and the French legal system. The second and third sections cover the respective condition of people and property.

These comparative analyses allow the reader to appreciate the continuity and challenges affecting recurring themes such as the international competences of the state, nationality, consular protection and even immunity from execution. The rights of foreigners in France are also called into question, in particular through the right to asylum and the analysis of France’s position in the face of the great migration crisis with which Europe was confronted in 2015. But through other varied themes such as investments, World Heritage sites, activities in cyberspace and even the illicit acquisition of goods, spoliation and restitution of works of art, ill-gotten gains and trafficking in cultural property, this book gives the broadest possible overview of France’s foreign legal policy and its effect on people and property.


Updated on February 11, 2020