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"Decentralized and cooperative heuristic for Systems of Systems (SoS) architecting", Teddy Bouziat, IRIT seminars

on the April 20, 2017

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Teddy Bouziat, PhD student in the SMAC research group, will present his work titled "Decentralized and cooperative heuristic for Systems of Systems (SoS) architecting".

Abstract:  Since WW2, researchers tend to develop new methodologies and tools to build and control the development of more and more complex systems and projects. This inter-disciplinary research area has been called System Engineering (SE) and continues to develop nowadays. In 1990, US Department Of Defense (DoD) began to work on building huge and decentralized systems that are themselves composed of existing and independents (complex) systems. This is the apparition of the SoS concept. More precisely, a SoS is a particular kind of complex system that is characterized by the particular nature of its components: they tend to be managerially and operationally independent and geographically distributed. This exotic characterization led to re-open research areas of classic SE such as definition, taxonomy, modeling, architecting and so on. SoS architecting focuses on the way independent components of a SoS can be dynamically structured and can change their interactions in an efficient manner to fulfill the goal of the SoS.

This presentation focuses on a new decentralized and cooperative heuristic for SoS architecting based on Agent paradigm. This heuristic is based on cooperation between components through the metric of criticality.
Updated on April 18, 2017