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Department of Mathematics

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2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse cedex 9



The Mathematics Department of  Toulouse Capitole University, which opened in 1992, has  23 junior researchers-lecturers on temporary contract (ATER) and about 40 non permanent members: contract lecturers and doctoral students. A number of visiting scholars and host lecturers also work here regularly.

The Department Head is currently  A. Gazen.
Previous departments heads were: B. Alziary, Y. Aragon, J.-C. Rochet, J. Fleckinger, M. Mazan et J.-P. Décamps.



Academic Programs

The department is responsible for harmonizing the mathematics training courses. Mathematics is being taught at all levels.

Research activities

  • It focuses on:
    Econometrics,  Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics, Finance, Statistics.
  • Invited lecturers come to UT 1- Capitole to do research work, teach and take part in workshops



Since 1999, Toulouse 1 University is one of the partners of Toulouse Doctoral School of Mathematics and its Applications  (head J.-M. Azais, from UPS) and of the Toulouse Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (Information and application files at vie@univ-tlse1.fr;correspondante at UT Capitole : cthomas@cict.fr).