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"End User Development of Web Augmentation applications", Gabriela Bosetti, colloque de l'IRIT

on the June 26, 2017


Gabriela Bosetti, assistant professor at the University of La Plata, Argentina, will give a talk about "End User Development of Web Augmentation applications".

Abstract: The Web is a very hugh space of information, and it is almost possible that most of the information we need to solve our tasks is already out there. But it is imposible to conceive a single Web application meeting all our information needs or offering the features that every single user may need. Here is where Web Augmentation (WA) comes into play. It is a technique for manipulating existing Web content according to the user’s requirements. Examples of applications of this kind are some browser’s extensions (e.g. Stylish, that let you change the style of any Web site); or waivers (e.g. GreaseMonkey, that allow you to code, install and run scripts for customizing the way a Web page displays or behaves).

Many WA approaches require the participation of a developer, but there are also approaches contemplating the end user as the creator of his own solutions. Depending on a developer and waiting for an application to be developed is not always what end users do expect, and it has been shown that the crowds react trying to satisfy their needs by themselves, in simpler or complex ways (e.g. creating a Google sheet or a userscript). End User Development is a set of methods, techniques and tools empowering the user who not necessarily have development skills with the capability of create their own solutions.

Three works will be presenteded in relation with such fields:
Each link points to a site where you can find papers related to each project and also some videos. 
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