Apprenticeship Tax

Select the training program you wish to promote by investing your apprenticeship tax

A wide choice of partnership opportunities

  • Intern placement
  • Hiring young graduates
  • Continuing education 
  • E-learning
  • Free publication of internship and job offers
  • Participation to events all year long (seminars, conferences…)

A training offer focused on professional competences

Law Economics
Management and Business Information Systems
Management Statistics
Human Resources Marketing

Why invest your apprenticeship tax at UT1 Capitole?


By investing your apprenticeship tax at UT1 Capitole, you will contribute to the permanent upgrading of professional training. Innovative teaching courses can more adequately meet new business challenges. This financial contribution undoubtedly participates into improving the quality of our students’ employability.

What will your apprenticeship tax be used for?

  • Audiovisual and computing equipment
  • Invited lecturers and experts  
  • Teaching aids
  • Journal subscriptions and books
  • Course reprographics

How to pay in your apprenticeship tax to the UT1 Capitole?

Contact the Collecting Body (OCTA) of your choice to get a deposit slip on which you will  mention the amount to be paid in to « Toulouse 1 Capitole University ».

If you want to allocate your tax to a specific training program, please, add the exact name of the training program selected and the name of its director to « Toulouse 1 Capitole University ». The list of accredited training programs will help you make your choice.

Do remember to send us back the payment agreement form so that we can contact your OCTA and check that your payment has been made according to your specific requirements.