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Master in Economics & Ecology

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Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Length of studies
2 years
(Mandatory internship)
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Living species are now disappearing at an accelerating rate because of human action, and ecologists agree that the survival of human societies is intimately dependent on the survival of other species. 

Countries and international organizations are taking action to address this problem: 
- In France: new law on biodiversity, creation of the French Agency for Biodiversity...
- At the international level: the Intergovernmental Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, the European Union's Biodiversity Strategy and the designation of 2011-2020 as the "Decade on Biodiversity".

In this context, Toulouse School of Economics, in partnership with the University Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, offers a new interdisciplinary specialization: the Master in "Economics and Ecology".

In the 1st year, Students attend a rigorous academic program in the different economic disciplines and quantitative techniques for social sciences. The common core courses allow them to deepen their knowledge and the elective courses allow students to build up their careers projects, taking into account the specializations in the second year of the master’s programs.

In the 2nd year, this master provides students with a unique set of skills aimed at measuring both the impact of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and at assessing, analyzing and recommending economic policies that influence human behavior and its consequences on biodiversity and ecosystems.

  • Note student can apply to either to the full program (i.e. the two years) or directly to the 2nd year (refer to the Admission section)

TSE also offers an other master in Environment: Master in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

If you wish to apply for this master, you will have to select for the first year the Master 1 in Applied Economics and for the second year the Master 2 in Economics and Ecology.

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For more information, refer the TSE website.



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Admission conditions

First year admission: 

  • Aimed at English speakers
  • Students should hold a BSc in Economics, Applied Mathematics within a recognized curriculum considered as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE selection committee.

Second year admission:

  • Admission is based on academic excellence criteria.
  • Applicants from the French system must have passed the TSE International track Master 1 (1st year Master’s) in Economics or another French University master in Applied Mathematics or an equivalent degree (e.g., engineering school,…). 
  • For foreign degree holders, the required degrees are either a BSc, M.A., or MSc, within a recognized curriculum regarded as consistent with the program and approved by the TSE Selection Committee. 
  • Some brushing-up in Economics or Maths might be advisable in some cases. Working knowledge of English is obviously required.


For this interdisciplinary Master, TSE application procedure is open to students with a previous background in economics. Students with a previous background in ecology must apply via University Toulouse III 
For any question about where to apply, please contact the program director.

To apply to this master at TSE, select on eCandidatures platform (via ADMISSION section):

  • First year: M1 Applied Economics International track
  • Second year: M2 Economics - ERNA – Economics and Ecology path International track


Semestre 1 :


2 electives:

Optional courses
Semestre 2 :


4 electives:

Semestre 3 :


1 among 2:


  • Introduction to Non-Market Valuation***
  • Professional Development*
  • Algebra Refresher**
  • Probability Refresher**
  • Dynamic Optimization Refresher**
Semestre 4 :


2 among 3:

* Students who have completed the Professional Development course in M1 in 2020-2021 are exempted

** Refresher course in Mathematics, open to M1 and M2 students of the School.

*** It is strongly advised to take the course Introduction to Non-Market Valuation to follow the "Cost-Benefit Analysis: Foundations and Practice" course. Students who have already taken a course on the economic valuation of non-market goods may request a waiver for certain sessions. 

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 5

Career Opportunities

  • Students in the Economics & Ecology path this Master will be put in an excellent position to work in any public or private organization that seeks to evaluate both the ecological and the economic consequences of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystems. Examples of such organizations include large companies, governmental bodies (both at the national and at the local level), NGOs, and supranational organizations.

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