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Academic year 2020-2021

02/04/2021: Distance learning and examination arrangements during the April lockdown

Following the announcements of the President of the Republic and while waiting for possible more precise directives from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the methods of distance learning and exams at the Toulouse Capitole University remain unchanged during the period of application of the new anti-Covid-19 restrictions, from 3 April 2021 to 2 May 2021.

The components will communicate any possible adjustments, notably for students whose exams were scheduled in person.

Travel between the place of residence and the University, for the period from 3 April to 2 May and in particular for the return of the Easter weekend, will be authorised, including in inter-regional, subject to :
  • filling in and signing a derogation travel certificate for each trip, taking care to tick derogation #1. An electronic version for smartphones is also available here;
  • be able to prove that you are going to classes/exams in the next few hours or that you are coming back from classes by justifying it with your online class schedule and your student card (or e-mail of invitation to an exam);
  • bring proof of address with your first and last name (identity card with your home address, insurance certificate, mobile phone bill, etc.).
The premises will remain open as they are at present, as will the university library (until 7pm from Monday to Friday and until 5.30pm on Saturday).

We remind you that it is essential to respect and ensure respect of the sanitary measures in force to prevent the spread of the virus (wearing a mask, social distancing...).

25/02/2021 : Covid screening campaign at UT Capitole

UT Capitole University is about to launch a Covid- 19 screening campaign for students thanks to a « drive » located on the Toulouse campus. The saliva tests will be available on presentation of the student’s card.

Photo - Visuel campagne de dépistage des étudiants
Within the framework of the Order dated January 21st 2021 on the testing strategy in Higher education and Research institutions, Toulouse Capitole University, under the aegis of the SIMPPS-UFT and of the ARS has decided to facilitate Covid-19 testing among the university students’ community.

Covid saliva tests will be rolled out under the supervision of Professor Soulat in charge of preventive medicine at UT Capitole University. A member of the Toulouse Teaching Hospital (CHU) or of the SIMPPS and two students-ambassadors will be available from 8 am to 1 from Mondays to Fridays. They will attend to the students and the university administrative staff members who want to be tested.

Test results will be sent by sms within 24 hours.

The test samples will be sent to Purpan Teaching Hospital (CHU) by the Purpan staff at UT Capitole. Their sequencing and analysis will help to check for the new SARS-CoV-2 variants (UK variant, etc..) among the students population.

Screening campaign on the Montauban campus :

A testing campaign will also take place on the Montauban campus. An action "Information/screening Covid-19" is indeed proposed by ARS Occitanie, in partnership with APAS 82 on Tuesday, March 30th.

Screening campaign on the Rodez campus :

The students of the IUT of Rodez who wish to be tested can go to one of the LXBIO laboratories, present in all the department of Aveyron. The IUT has established a partnership with this laboratory to privilege the screening of students from the Rodez campus.

27/01/2021: measures for the gradual on-site resumption of teaching

Although the sanitary conditions are as yet uncertain and there is talk of indefinite confinement, the university is anticipating measures in favour of students in application of the circular of 22 January 2021.

The following measures, the practical details of which will be communicated by the tuition services, will apply. In the main :
  1. All lectures (CM) from L1 to M1 will remain distant. On the other hand, the CM for the Professional Licences and the M2 are offered in co-modality (face-to-face and distance learning) from 1st February 2021 according to the assessment of the teaching team and, of course, with respect to the 50% capacity of the classrooms.
  2. Directed Work (TD) for all courses from L2 to M1, including the Professional Licences, will be offered in co-modality (face-to-face and distance learning) from 1st February 2021. TDs for M2 is at the discretion of the pedagogical team who will communicate the information directly to the students. The TDs for L1, which have already been resumed on site in co-modality on 25 January last, will still be given according to these same principles (see "flash info" of 22/01/2021).
  3. All distance courses and all TDs end 10 minutes before the end of the scheduled time to allow students to get organised.A test unit will be installed on our campus soon to facilitate testing for teachers, researchers, lecturers, administrative staff and students.
A decision on the examinations for semester 2 will be adopted quickly and brought to the attention of teachers and students.

To sum up, following these face-to-face returns, will be on site in Toulouse and Montauban, in compliance with the 50% room capacity gauge :
  • students from L1 to M1 (only for TD)
  • professional licences (all courses)

For M2 students, face-to-face teaching is left to the discretion of the teaching team who will communicate the information directly to the students.

22/01/2021 : Resumption of in-person tutorials

Following the Prime Minister's statement announcing the resumption of face-to-face tutorials for L1 students while respecting the physical distance and a 50% room gauge, our university is setting up in-person tutorials for our first year undergraduate students in half groups as of January 25.

The practical details will be sent to students by e-mail. In any case, the schedules will not be modified.

These Tutorials will take a co-modal form (face-to-face and distance learning proposed for the same niche), in order to take into account students who cannot travel, particularly for health reasons. More specifically, Tutorials that begin before 6:00 pm will be able to take place on site until their end, i.e. 6:30 pm. On the other hand, the tutorials starting at 6:30 pm will have to be held at a distance.

Students will have to obtain a "curfew" travel certificate (Ministry of the Interior website) which they must complete by ticking reason no. 1 "Travel between home and the place of work or education and training...". They will also have to bring a copy of their timetable (possibly on a smartphone) and their student card.

As a result of these new provisions, the opening hours of the premises will be adapted.
Access to tuition services is by appointment only.

Students who will have to follow TD in the classroom and CM in the distance learning mode will be able to sit in the lecture halls in which their CM was initially scheduled to take place, or in any free room, in order to follow it.

All students are reminded of the importance of wearing a mask on the premises at all times. Indeed, epidemiological surveillance shows a more active circulation of the virus at national, regional and departmental level. Respect for barrier gestures, regular hand washing, wearing a mask, respect for social distancing and circulation flows remain our best weapons against the disease. All students and staff members who are COVID positive, "contact case" or showing symptoms of the disease must imperatively inform the university's Covid Referent Officer by filling in the form provided for this purpose (in French).

29/10/2020 : Passage of all teachings in distance as of November 2nd

Following the announcements of the President of the Republic on Wednesday October 28th to contain the epidemic of Covid-19, all the teaching at the University Toulouse Capitole (lectures and tutorials) will be done remotely from Monday November 2nd. All levels and all fields of study are concerned.

22/09/2020 : Management of positive case reports at UT Capitole and implementation of distance learning courses

Since 7 September, the university has been making a daily update, every morning, on positive cases declared before midnight the day before. The president and the component directors are immediately informed and take the necessary decisions for the smooth running of the institution.

In accordance with the recommendations of the ARS, as soon as the threshold of 3 positive cases is exceeded in a group of courses of any size, the training is totally distanced for 14 days.

Since 17 September, the number of cases declared positive has been increasing too quickly. This process is therefore implemented as of Wednesday 23 September 2020.

Information will be given to schools and training managers as soon as such a decision is taken. The teachers will be immediately informed by the person in charge of the training of the passage in distance of their course. The same applies to students, who will be informed by the schools, via their moodle account, that they are moving to distance learning.

18/09/2020, 6 pm: point after 2 weeks of classes

The new school year started on 7/09. Several scenarios had been planned by the University Toulouse Capitole, in connection with the components:

  • face-to-face lessons totally
  • Hybrid mode courses
  • totally remote course.
Certain components, including the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) and the TSM School of Management, have opted for hybridisation (50% face-to-face and 50% distance learning) from the start of the academic year.

After the first two weeks in the classroom, in order to facilitate distancing in the context of the development of the epidemic, the Faculties of Law and Political Science and of Administration and Communication decided to move to hybrid teaching.

From Monday 21 September, the bachelor's and master's 1 courses of these two components will gradually move to a half-presential and half-distancial education. Students will be progressively informed of the implementation of these new modalities via their moodle account.

17/09/2020, 18:00: point case Covid-19 reported at UT Capitole

The university asked Covid-19 positive students and staff to report themselves through d'a form and these were linked to l'ARS Occitanie.

As of 17 September, there have been 64 confirmed cases since the start of the academic year on 7 September, including 62 students among the 19,500 students at the institution. Detailed monitoring by courses and groups of courses is provided on an ongoing basis, in conjunction with the ARS.

L'ARS Occitania informed us that the contaminations had taken place, until now, in places outside the university within the framework of festive gatherings and that no common contamination linked them.

Toulouse Capitole University remains vigilant, to protect its students and staff, in permanent contact with the prefectural and health authorities, in order to follow developments as closely as possible and to decide on the most appropriate measures.

Spring 2020

22/06/2020, 11 a.m.: gradual reopening of the Arsenal BU as of 23 June

As of Tuesday, June 23rd, the BU teams are happy to have their readers back.
  • For Bachelor and Master students, the BU Arsenal is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm for document returns only.
Borrowing is always by appointment.
  • For teachers, researchers, doctoral students, masters students with a thesis to write, students with disabilities, the areas and services of the BU Arsenal are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.
Please read carefully the terms and conditions of access to be respected.
All remote services are maintained.

18/05/2020, 11:00 a.m. : Message to all students from Minister Frédérique Vidal

Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, sends a personal message to all students through the university presidents.

Read or download his mail (in French)

15/05/2020, 4 p.m. : Return of documents to the BU Arsenal by appointment

The Arsenal Library will open on Monday 18 May exclusively for the return of borrowed documents and by appointment.

30/04/2020, 7 p.m. : Clarifications on the organization of the exams

The components presented the guidelines for the organization of distance examinations at the CFVU on 30 April.
In the framework of the Order of 27 March 2020 (No. 2020-351), the CFVU delegated to the President of the University the authority to adapt the 2019-2020 assessment methods.

Each student will be informed individually, by his/her component, by email or on his/her Moodle account of the modalities that concern him/her. Contact details will be provided in case of any queries or special situations to be reported. This will begin on Monday, May 4th and as information becomes available.

A minimum period of 15 days for the preparation of their tests will be respected for the sending of this information.

Remember to regularly consult the FAQ at the top right of this page where questions are updated as the situation evolves.

28/04/2020, 2 p.m.: Preparation for the 2020 exam sessions

The exams, of session 1 of semester 2 and session 2 of both semesters of all components, will take place in various forms that do not require the presence of students on site. These exams will all take place before the end of July in order to be able to ensure a return to school in September with no exams to finish.

The timetable and examination procedures will be specified after the school's CFVU on 30/04. Students will be informed by personal email or on their Moodle account by their faculty or school and tuition services no later than 15 days before the start of their exams.

08/04/2020, 10:30 a.m.: Organization of the second semester exams

In view of the evolution of the health crisis; uncertainties as to the end of containment and the date of resumption of the university's activity; here is the information I am able to communicate to you.

I can confirm that all the face-to-face examinations for all the training courses have been postponed. The date of postponement of the exams initially envisaged after May 4 is postponed.

The components of the university are preparing to organize the 2 examination sessions at the latest between June and July, reducing the number of tests in terminal control in order to be able to implement the sanitary conditions that will be required by the State. **New detailed evaluation procedures will be adopted following the Commission on Training and University Life which will be organised at the beginning of May at the latest, when the university will be aware of the conditions of the deconfinement.

Students will be informed, at least 15 days in advance, of the dates chosen for the examinations in their training, as well as the detailed timetable of the tests and their precise modalities.

The university will give preference to face-to-face examinations on the condition that health security is ensured for students, administrative and teaching staff.

We do everything possible to guarantee you the best conditions for success and further studies. We know these are difficult times, but stay motivated and persevere in your work.

03/04/2020, 3.30 p.m.: FAQ, new theme "Alternating"

If you are a work-study student, there are still questions about managing your situation between company and university, consult the new "Alternating" theme created in the FAQ

02/04/2020, 2 P.M.:Consult the remote services provided by the Federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées

In this period of containment, the Federal University Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées provides its services remotely:

19/03/2020, 16.57 P.M.:Systems maintenance

The implementation of telework on an unprecedented scale requires the Information System Department to regularly adjust the university's digital infrastructure in order to improve the quality of service and maintain all our digital resources in operational condition.

These adjustments require human intervention and must currently be carried out at least once a day.

Therefore we kindly ask you not to use the university's digital resources between 12:30 and 13:30 and to log out during this time after saving your work.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused in your remote practices and thank you for your understanding.

16/03/2020, 6.30 P.M.: Pedagogical continuity measures implemented at the university

The University Toulouse Capitole has adopted with all its components several measures to ensure pedagogical continuity starting this week.

  • Examination dates
All examinations for all training courses are postponed.
They will begin no earlier than the week of May 4, 2020.

In all courses where this is necessary to enable the examinations to be organised, the oral tests will be replaced by one-hour written tests.

The postponement date may be adjusted if the situation so requires. The university will make every effort to inform you 15 days in advance of any new date, as well as the detailed timetable for your tests and the precise arrangements for the tests (oral or written in particular).

  • Examination topics
In any case, the examination subjects in initial training will only cover the teaching given on Friday 13 March.

Specific provisions for work-study students are detailed below.

This measure aims to ensure equity between students who do not all have an internet connection, sufficient speed or simply suitable computer equipment to follow the online courses implemented by your teachers.
It is also justified by the fact that most of the initial training courses were very advanced at the time of the interruption of the courses.

  • Online courses
The managers and teachers of your training courses will soon inform you of the conditions under which you will be able to find online course elements complementary to those you have followed in person.

Distance evaluation sessions may be organised as part of these courses.
Any marks obtained will not be taken into account in your average, but will allow you to measure your mastery of your knowledge.

Applying for next year's course
The Ministry of Higher Education has indicated that the Parcoursup schedule is maintained. First year students in reorientation are therefore invited to follow the instructions on Students applying for training at UT Capitol for 2020-2021 are invited to follow the instructions issued on the institution's eApplications portal. Indeed, given the situation, the timetable and the documents to be provided are likely to be modified, but the planned or ongoing admission campaigns are maintained.

  • Internships
There are several possible scenarios:
  • You have completed your internship: Your defense will be postponed to a later date as soon as possible.
  • You have interrupted your internship or you have not been able to start it, so a status report will be made at the end of May:
    •  Either it will be possible to resume or start your internship for a period of at least 2 months,
    •  Or, failing this, you will be offered to write an applied thesis to be submitted at the beginning of the school year to replace your internship report.

  • Students in work-study programs
The instructions concerning the maintenance of the period in the workplace are decided by each company. We invite you to follow the instructions of the company that concerns you.

As for the exams, they will be postponed, as for students in initial training, to the week of May 4 at the earliest, and you will also be informed of the detailed terms and conditions and the detailed timetable of the tests.
Due to the rhythm of the work-study programme, the teaching given was less advanced than in initial training when the courses were interrupted on 13 March.
For this reason, all the courses that will be given to you online during the period when the school is closed will be subject to evaluation when we return to normal operation.

Each component will be declining and detailing all of these cross-cutting measures in the coming days.

15/03/2020, 4.30 p.m.

Dear students,
The Prime Minister has announced the passage into phase 3 of the coronavirus epidemic, instructions from the Ministry of Higher Education reached us today: beyond the closure to students already announced on 13 March, the university is now in a so-called " activity continuity " configuration.

As a result, the public no longer has access to the premises, neither for educational activities nor for any other reason, with the exception of the deposit of the electoral lists, which remains possible on 16 March.

The modalities of the pedagogical continuity and the measures taken will be fine-tuned tomorrow and messages specifying the conditions for resumption (courses, examination dates, etc.) will be sent to you in the coming days.

I thank you in advance for your sense of responsibility and your support for the implementation of these measures in a particularly delicate period.

You will find all information on the situation on the page:

13/03/2020, 5 p.m.: Message from the President of the University to all students, details of the institution's closure system.

Dear students,

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has asked universities to close to the public as of Monday, March 16(courses, exams, continuous assessment, events, symposiums, sports activities, access to libraries, student association events ... ).
The examinations scheduled on Friday March 13 in the afternoon has been suspended.
From Saturday March 14, classes, exams and tutorials are also suspended, the libraries will be closed.

As of Monday March 16, University Toulouse Capitole will not be accessible to students for pedagogical activities. However, only the administrative staff and professors will remain at their place of work. The activities of all departments and research units are maintained.

The purpose of this measure is to avoid large gatherings, especially of young people.

The university will take steps to ensure pedagogical continuity and the organisation of examinations. We will keep you informed about it.

I thank you in advance for your sense of responsibility and your support for the implementation of these measures in a particularly delicate period.

You will find all the information on the situation on the page:

Corinne Mascala
President of Toulouse Capitole University

13/03/2020, 3.50 pm: cancellation of the exams of Friday 13 March afternoon

Following the Prime Minister's announcement at the end of the morning that gatherings of more than 100 people were banned, Toulouse Capitole University is also cancelling all exams scheduled for the afternoon of Friday 13 March.
We thank you for your understanding.

13/03/2020, 2.45 p.m.: following the Prime Minister's announcement at the end of the morning

Following the Prime Minister's announcement at the end of the morning that gatherings of more than 100 people were banned, Toulouse Capitole University cancelled all exams scheduled for Saturday 14 March.
We thank you for your understanding.

12/03/2020: following statements by the President of the Republic

In accordance with ministerial instructions, the Toulouse Capitole University is currently preparing :
  •     the modalities for the closure of the establishment,
  •     the organization of pedagogical continuity,
  •     the organization of the examination process (if the situation lasted),
  •     the organisation of the consequences of interruptions or impossibilities of internship.