Coronavirus outbreak

Keep safe !

Everybody must respect health safety rules :

Relevant information will be constantly updated and available on this page.
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All student aid is presented in the "Student Aid" portal (in french).

Remember to regularly consult the FAQ at the top right of this page where questions are updated as the situation evolves.

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Protect yourself… Protect everyone around you

Do :

  • Wash your hands more often than usual with water and soap or hand sanitiser gel
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow
  • Avoid handshake and kissing
  • Use  single-use tissues to be put in the bin straight away

If you have fever or feel feverish, if you have breathing difficulties, if you cough…

  • Dial phone number 15 (emergency medical service SAMU)
  • If the SAMU finds you may be or are contamined :
    • If you are a student, do send a mail to :  (Direction générale des Services)
    • If you are part of the university staff, do inform the head of your department or of your unit who will feed back the information to the appropriate person(s) via and according to the relevant procedure
Do not rush to a GP surgery or hospital to avoid any potential contamination.

Health and safety rules in the workplace

Explanatory visuals are posted in the university premises for :
  • the use of the tools shared in the offices (photocopier, coffee machine, water fountains, ...)
  • the use of elevators
  • the use of sanitary facilities.