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Master’s degree (M1) in International Management

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Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 3
Length of studies
One Year
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Teaching languages
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Are you looking for an international career? Are you attracted by supporting companies to develop their international business? Do you feel inspired by working with people from different cultures? Then the Master in International Management is just for you!

The Master in International Management is a full-time degree over two years, entirely taught in English and designed for International and French university graduates. It is highly selective and targets students with a strong motivation to work in an international environment and ready to develop the skills needed by globally operating companies.

From April onwards, students have to do a 3 to 6 month internship in France or abroad.

The Master offers high quality teaching from internationally renowned professors, a truly multicultural work environment with students coming from all over the world, and close relationships with the business world thanks to strong partnerships built over ten years. Since the beginning of the Master, students from 35 nationalities have graduated and constitute a vivid network of more than 300 alumni.


Director of studies

Audrey Rouziès


  • Discuss international business situations and issues
  • Apply theoretical and conceptual elements to the analysis of international business situations
  • Use methodological tools and frameworks in business analysis and development
  • Design relevant recommendations on international business situations based on methodological tools and frameworks
  • Comprehend different ways in which international business affects society and environment
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently both in written and oral mode
  • Operate in a multicultural environment (negotiate, manage, lead)



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 3

Admission conditions

→ Successful completion of 180 ECTS
→ An English language test for non-English speakers*
→ Examination of candidate’s admission application and possible interview

* Required level: C1


Find all the information (dates and procedures) on the 2023-2024 applications for the Master’s degree (M1) in International Management on the Toulouse School of Management website.


In the first year of the Master, students attend the following courses from September to April:

Transversal skills:
Unit 1 - Advanced and specialised usage of digital tools

  • Quantitative Data Analysis

Unit 2 - Specialised communication for knowledge transfer

  • Introduction to Research

Core skills: 
Unit 3 - Design and coordination of internationalisation policies and activities

  • Strategic Management

Unit 4 - Measure and control of tools and methods for internationalisation

  • Accounting

Unit 5 - Managerial and organisational culture

  • Organisational Behaviour

Transversal skills:
Unit 6 - Advanced and specialised usage of digital tools

  • Managing Business Information and Technology
  • Excel for Professionals

Unit 7 - Support for transformation in professional context

  • Internship

Core skills:
Unit 8 - Reflection and conception of internationalisation strategies

  • International Marketing
  • International Strategy

Unit 9 - Measure and control of tools and methods for internationalisation

  • Finance

Unit 10 - Rules, norms and quality in internationalisation

  • Business Plan and Entrepreneurship

Unit 11 - Professional behaviour and attitude

  • Professional Development Workshop (PPI)
  • International Day

Year of highschool graduation
Bac + 4

Further studies

Following the first year, the second year of the Master in International Management offers students various training paths, in the form of three tracks:

  • Master 2 in International Management
  • Master 2 in International Management in Asian Context (IMAC)
  • Master 2 in International Management in European Context (IMEC)

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