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Centre for Business Law (CDA)


Université Toulouse Capitole, 2 rue du Doyen-Gabriel-Marty
31042 TOULOUSE Cedex 9

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05 61 12 87 48
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05 61 12 88 57
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General information

Authority : Ministry

Reference : EA 780

Departments : Sciences de la société


Research topics

The Centre for Business law:

  • Initiates students to research work by offering them general and fundamental training, by developing their critical thinking and creative skills in the general field of business law;
  •  Hosts all those academics, students and professionals who share an interest in corporate law by organizing symposiums, conferences and seminars in business law.

Areas of research:

The Centre for business law which includes the Research centre for struggling enterprises (CREDIF) started with research work on collective payment proceedings for both the Department of Justice and the Midi-Pyrénées Regional Council.

More generally, it carries out all studies concerning corporate law and business law. Among the many issues studied:

  • Contemporary aspects of guarantee
  • The evolution of company transfers
  • Companies faced with default of payment
  • Contemporary aspects of distribution and competition law
  • Ethics and business law
  • The status of company manager  
  • Electronic contracts
  • Pharmaceutical patents and innovation  
  • The NRE law and company law
  • The 25 January 1985 Act passed twenty years ago:  between assessment and reform.
  • The Insolvency Act ( law on the safeguard of undertakings

The Centre for Business law also carries out research work in comparative business law in collaboration with foreign universities. .

It is the host team for those students who seek to make a career as business lawyers by completing Master’s degrees-2 in corporate law, particularly from the Master’s degree in Business law and leads research work in all the fields of commercial law.

It maintains a library open to all Master’s degree students with an interest for the field.

The Centre for business law works in relation with all the professionals in corporate law, among whom business lawyers, company lawyers, investment lawyers.

The Centre for Business law has become a federative structure made of several entities. Besides the CREDIF, the structure includes the Research team on Organizations and Groups (GROG), the Toulouse team on intellectual property (EPITOUL), the Research  Laboratory on financial crime (DELFIN) and a research team on industrial risk law (EJERIDD "legal studies : corporations, industrial risk & sustainable development ")