European School of Law (ESL)

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2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse cedex 9

05 61 63 38 84 (93)
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Faculty of Law and Political Science


Toulouse European School of Law (TESL), an innovative approach to legal teaching, means to train jurists in European law right from their first year.

  • What makes TESL innovative:
• It offers to train students in European law from Bachelor’s first year,
• It relies on double programs or double degrees organized in partnership with European university (14 double degrees with partner universities from 8 countries),
• Mobility becomes an essential part of training for law :
• It offers training for two different law systems to develop students’ capacity to compare and connect,
• It requires multilingual competences in order to keep law and national cultures connected,
• It enriches the training in European law with a European cultural approach.

  • TESL relies on:
• University networks, particularly those developed by UT Capitole through double degrees of diplomas,
• Networks of legal practitioners in Europe particularly developed through the network of the European cities of Law.
• Corporation networks UT Capitole has been developing for long.


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