Faculty of Law and Political Science

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2 rue du Doyen Gabriel Marty
31042 Toulouse cedex 9

05 61 63 38 38


The Faculty of Legal Sciences, or Faculty of Law as it used to be called, is heir to the age-long university tradition in Toulouse. The Faculty delivers a comprehensive research and training portfolio in legal and political fields. Its head is the Dean Philippe Nelidoff, professor of Private Law.


  • Hélène Citerici
  • Laure Balondrade
  • Pascale Garcia
  • Anaïs Toulouzat
  • Loubna Bentaieb
  • Cendrine Kopinski

Academic Programs

Legal Sciences programs

  • Programs


  • European School of Law in Toulouse
  • Collège Supérieur de Droit
  • Institute of Judicial Studies
  • Institute of Criminal Law and Penal Sciences

Research activities

Federative units

Doctoral schools

  • Doctoral school of Law and Political Science (EDDSP)
  • Doctoral School of Aeronautics and Astronautics

UT1  host teams

  • Center of Corporate Law (CDA)
  • Institute of Private Law (IDP)
  • Toulouse Center of the History of Law and Political Ideas (CTHDIP)
  • Institute of Space, Territories and Communication Law (IDETCOM)
  • Institute of Legal Studies in Urban Planning and Construction (IEJUC)
  • Research Institute in Comparative, European and International Law  (IRDEIC)