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Master’s Degree (M2) in Human Resources Management, Major: International Human Resources Management (MIRH)

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Length of studies
1 year
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The Master’s degree major in International Human Resources Management (IHRM) is designed to train generalists with the required competences to hold executive positions in human resources management of international corporations or consulting firms. 70% of the lectures are delivered in English by international and French professors, by executives and experts from international corporations and consulting firms.


6 months


Research centers partnerships

The Master’s degree benefits from the scientific environment of Toulouse 1 Capitole University.

Both the teaching team and the course contents draw upon the scientific potential of CRM (Research Centre in Management - EAC CNRS 5032), whose seminars and conferences held by researchers are part of the training course.


Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Admission conditions

The IHRM Master’s degree -2 is open to:

  • Students who have validated the 60 credits from their 1st year of the Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and who have been approved of after specific evaluation and examination of their overall academic record.
  • Students must have validated 60 credits from another 1st year of a Master’s degree, holders of an engineering diploma, of a Business School diploma or of any other diploma considered as equivalent and approved of after examination of their academic record, and who have passed the selection test.

Applications will include student's previous 3-year academic career, their curriculum-vitae and a 2-page cover letter hand-written in English. They will also have to evidence their English proficiency (TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge First Certificate, Cambridge Proficiency, certificates, grades in foreign language courses)


UE1 -Corporate Human Resources Management
UE2 - Staffing and Managing People
UE3 - Organizational Behavior
UE4 - Organizational Change and Development
UE5 - International Labor Law and Relations
UE6 - Information System and Communication
UE7 - Managing Compensation and performance
UE8 - Leadership, Team and Intercultural Management
UE9 - Management Control and HR Planning


UE10 - Internship, Master's thesis, Team Project, Conferences


Students who want to opt for a Management PhD must validate  the MRH Research unit UE11 instead of the professional units UE5, UE6, UE9 and write a research dissertation (Master’s degree dissertation)

UE11 - MRH Research curriculum: theory of  organizations; research protocole ; research methodology.

Career Opportunities

Positions as assistant, project officer, assistant executive, project leader, operational unit head, director are available in:

  • Human resources management,
  • HR Business Partner, training management, payroll, (Comp & Ben, payroll administrator),
  • Global staff management,
  • Recruitment,
  • Careers,
  • Staff management,
  • Social relations,
  • In-house communication,
  • Workforce and Competences Planning (GPEC ),
  • Social audit,
  • E-HRM and/or HRMIS.

Students can also apply for/be offered junior consultant positions in consulting firms in the fields of:

Human Resources (HR), pay, recruitment careers, outplacement, social relations, training, organization, management, SIRH, etc

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