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Master’s Degree (M2) in Human Resource Management, Major: International Human Resource Management

General information

Prerequisites for enrolment
Bac + 4
Length of studies
1 year
(Mandatory internship)
The International Human Resource Management (IHRM) Master’s programme aims at educating generalists in the HR field who are able to take on any HR role within an international company or consulting firm.

80% of the courses are taught in English by international or French professors, business executives, or HR experts.
The programme is well suited for students who wish to work in multinational companies located in France or abroad.


Graduates from this programme gain expertise in the following areas:

  • Specific HR Management
  • Training Management
  • Recruiting
  • Career Advising
  • Payroll Management
  • Organisational Transition
  • Social Management Control
  • HR Information Systems
Students also gain transversal skills in:
  • Strategy
  • HR Marketing
  • English language skills



Prerequisites for enrolment : Bac + 4

Admission conditions

External candidates (non-TSM)
→ Successful completion of 240 ECTS
→ An English language test for non-English speakers*
→ Examination of candidate’s admission application and possible interview

Internal TSM candidates from first year of Master

→ Successful completion of 240 ECTS
→ An English language test for non-English speakers*
→ Examination of candidate’s admission application and possible interview
​→ Active vocational orientation project

* Required level: C1

Feel free to contact the administrative officer for any questions.


Applications open from February 1 to March 26, 2021.
For more information about this programme and the admission application, please visit our website at www.tsm-education.fr


Transversal skills:
Transformation, Digital and communication :

  • Digital Transformation of the HR function
  • Organizational Digital Development
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Corporate communication 
Core skills:
Corporate Human Resource Management :
  • HRM policy & strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility & Responsible Leadership
  • Strategic HR planning
Implementation of HR practices :
  • Recruitment & Career
  • Labor relations & collective bargaining
  • Training
Performance Management and Control :
  • Payroll Management Control
  • Management of the training performance
  • Compensation management & policy
Organizational Behavior and Leadership :
  • Organizational Behavior & Group dynamics
  • Leadership & Team management
  • Intercultural management
Subject specific skills:
International HR management :
  • Expatriate management
  • International and comparative labor law
Transversal skills:
Professional development :
  • Internship or professional training contract with Master thesis
  • Other educationnal activities & development
  • Team project


Career Opportunities

The second year of the IHRM programme prepares students for support, management, and expert HR roles such as:
Collaborator, project manager, assistant project or operations manager, administrative positions, training manager, payroll manager, recruiting manager, career advisor, personnel administrator, social relations director, internal communications manager, social management controller, junior consultant within an international consultant firm, etc.

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