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Fellow students mentoring and support

from January 25, 2021 to April 30, 2021

UT Capitole is fully aware of the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on its students. This is why it has recruited 60 mentors whose mission wil consist in fighting against loss of motivation among students. This initiative testifies to the university constant will to show an ever increasing solidarity towards them.

In order to alleviate the feeling of loneliness and isolation created by distance learning, UT Capitole has thus decided to provide first, second and third year Bachelor’s degree students of the Faculty of Law, of TSE and TSM  and Ist year TSM Master’s degree students with 10h support thanks to 60 mentors who will be in charge of :

  • Answering their queries ;
  • Tightening the links with lecturers and teaching staff members in general ;
  • Making them familiar with the various university services : schooling, preventive medicine, counselling and guidance, students’life, social and financial support, library services, tutoring, etc…

In order to benefit from this unique support scheme, students are invited to take part in a survey on their online space "Mes cours en ligne" in order to book one of the time slots on offer.

► Please note :                                                                   

  • You can register from Fridays 2pm to Sundays 8pm
  • Some sessions are online, some others are one-to-one sessions
  • Please select only one mentor for a given time-slot
  • You can access only session per week.
Law students can also meet mentors at the librairie, please consulte the details on this page (in French)

This support is part of a set of solidarity measures aimed at (in French) :

Updated on March 4, 2021