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"Evolved Developmental Strategies of Artificial Multicellular Organisms", Jean Disset, colloque de l'IRIT

le 28 juin 2016

Manufacture des Tabacs

Jean Disset (équipe VORTEX), nous présentera ses travaux sur "Evolved Developmental Strategies of Artificial Multicellular Organisms".

Abstract: I will present the use of a new computationaly efficient 3D physics model for the simulation of cells in a virtual aquatic world. Whil e allowing for the discovery of interesting behaviors through the addition of new degrees of freedom compared to traditional simple 2D evo-devo models, this 3D center-based physics engine and its associated virtual world also comes with its drawbacks when applied to evolutionnary experiments: larger search space and numerous local optima. We will discuss how techniques such as a novelty metric, adapted to our evo-devo matter, dramatically improves the outcome of the evolutionary runs.
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