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Séminaire IRIT-UT1 - Cinthia REYES-LOZANO

le 29 mars 2013

Manufacture des Tabacs - ME-303 (plan)

Cinthia REYES-LOZANO (ITPhD CUCEA-Universidad de Guadalajara)

Idea mining using semantic analysis on Twitter corpus

The Web 2.0 is differentiated from classic Web 1.0 not because of a great technological advance, but by a set of functionalities like the use of Adobe Flash, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), AJAX (Java Script), and all of this is reflected in the new use of social networks (SN) and the UGC on its own can be seen as the sum up of all possible ways people can use social media. Within (SN), we have found a new way to communicate information, knowledge and even grow abilities using this data. This work presents the first phase of a method to conduct opinion mining on Twitter corpus and discusses how it is different from existent online projects.

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