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"Verification of commitment-based multi-agent systems", Jamal Bentahar, colloque de l'IRIT

le 21 septembre 2015

Manufacture des Tabacs

Jamal Bentahar de Concordia University nous parlera de "Verification of commitment-based multi-agent systems". Il tiendra la conference entierement en anglais.


In autonomous Multi-Agent Systems (MASs), agents interact for different reasons, for instance to share information, negotiate, coordinate their actions, etc. Verifying such systems to guarantee their correctness at design time is a challenging issue. In this talk, I will capitalize on model checking a class of these systems called commitment-based interacting MASs. Commitments have been extensively and effectively used to represent and model interactions among autonomous agents having competing objectives in a variety of areas (e.g., modeling business processes and commitment-based protocols). However, their formal verification is still an active research topic. First, I will present the formalism of extended interpreted systems used to formalize commitment-based interactions. A logic of commitments along with some reasoning postulates will be presented. Thereafter, two model checking techniques, namely direct and indirect, will be introduced. Finally, complexity analysis and some experimental results will be discussed.
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