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"Social Planning - Reasoning with and about others", Tim Miller, colloque de l'IRIT

le 27 février 2017

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Tim Miller, assistant professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia, presentera ses travaux intitulés "Social Planning - Reasoning with and about others". Il tiendra sa conférence en anglais.

Abstract: Successful human teams operate by the individuals in those

teams modelling the relevant perspective of their team mates, including

what their team members can do, what they know or believe, and what

their intentions are; in short, they have a Theory of Mind about their

team members.  To do this, they may consider how their team members are

about to act, how this affects the outcomes of their own actions, and

what information needs to be shared. We call this 'social planning',

reflecting that such planning itself is a social activity that requires

thinking about and communicating with others.


Motivated by the problem of designing and implementing artificial agents

that are able to work collaboratively as part of a human-agent team, we

hypothesis that artificial agents will be more human-intuitive,

transparent, and trusted if they are able to adopt social planning. In

recent work, we have leveraged state-of-the-art planning techniques to

realise social planning in several application of areas, including both

collaborative and adversarial settings, mostly related to projects from

the Australian Defence Force. In this talk, I will discuss some of these

techniques -- in particular, multi-agent epistemic planning -- and some

of these applications, and I will discuss plans for my current sabbatical.


Bio: Tim is an academic in the Department of Computing and Information

Systems at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Tim received his PhD

from the University of Queensland and spent four years at the University

of Liverpool, UK, as a postdoc in the Agent ART group. Tim's primary

research interests are in artificial intelligence, in particular on how

humans interact with systems, and multi-agent planning, in particular

notions of knowledge and action in groups. He is on sabbatical in

Toulouse until end of June 2017.

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