Séminaire IRIT-UT1 - Jerusa MARCHI

le 11 janvier 2011

Manufacture des Tabacs - ME303

Séminaire IRIT-UT1 - Mardi 11 Janvier 2010 - 12h45 - Salle ME303

Jerusa MARCHI -
Université Fédérale de Santa Catarina (Florianapolis - Brésil)

Prime Normal Forms in Belief Merging

The aim of Belief Merging is to aggregate possibly conflicting pieces
of information issued from different sources. The quality of the
resulting set is usually considered in terms of a closeness criterion
between the resulting belief set and the initial belief sets. The
notion of distance between belief sets is thus a crucial issue when we
face the merging problem. The aim of this talk is to present as prime
normal forms can be used to calculate distances between belief bases in
order to perform belief merging processus.
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