Séminaire IRIT-UT1 - Roberto Willrich - 26/01/2009

le 26 janvier 2009

Manufacture des Tabacs - ME303

Séminaire IRIT-UT1 - Lundi 26 janvier 2009 - 12h45 - Salle ME303

Roberto Willrich (Université Fédérale de Santa Catarina - Florianopolis - Brésil) - Supporting Collaborative Learning Activities with a Digital Library and Annotations

Digital Libraries (DLs) usually provide facilities for browsing and searching their collections, and can enhance noticeably learning activities. The integration of an annotation tool with a DL can foster knowledge exchange between instructors and learners. It is important that an annotation system for DLs should be easily integrated with existing DLs. This paper presents an annotation system, called DLNotes, which can be easily embedded in DLs in order to enable free-text and ontology-based annotations. DLNotes also supports supervised annotation activities and allows discussion threads to be associated with each annotation, what is particularly important for e-learning.

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