Master (M2) International Data Science for Social Sciences en alternance (Contrat d'apprentissage ou contrat de professionnalisation)

The second year of this master emphasizes advanced and applied techniques in data science, statistics and econometrics. It offers deeper courses in data science, particularly in mathematics of machine and deep learning algorithms, data mining, big data, regulation of data spreading and data protection, as well as specialized courses in different fields of application of statistics to social sciences, such as spatial statistics and econometrics, graph analysis, geomarketing, scoring, and web mining. Moreover, this second year of the program offers higher-level courses of statistical software, namely R, Python and SAS, and of massive databases management. The different courses allow students to acquire versatile skills in the processing of complex data (panel, survey, survival, graph, spatial) with modern parametric, non-parametric, and learning statistical methods.

Contact alternance :
Elodie Fontana
05 61 12 88 94