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Les dernières publications :

Azam, Jean-Paul and Ferret, Jérôme (2022) Radicalization of Islam or Peddling Radicalism? Lessons from the French Experience. TSE Working Paper, n. 22-1296, Toulouse, France

Ferret, Jérôme (2022) La radicalisation religieuse, une affaire de famille ? Exploreur. [Mainstream media article]

Ferret, Jérôme (2022) New Fraternal Scenes and Jihadist Violence. Ripoll (Catalonia, North Spain). In: Family and Jihadism: a socio-anthropological approach to the french experience Routledge. Series “ocial movements in the 21st century : new paradigms” London pp. 84-110. ISBN 9781032077345

Ferret, Jérôme and Azam, Jean-Paul (2022) Radicalization of islam or peddling radicalism? Lessons from the French experience. In: Workshop Université de Konstanz, dossier “Radicalization and Mobilization”, 19-20 mai 2022, Konstanz.

Ferret, Jérôme (2021) Family and jihadism: a socio-anthropological approach to the French experience. Ferret, Jérôme and Khosrokhavar, Farhad (eds.) Collection « Social movements in the 21st century : New Paradigms ». Routledge Londres ISBN 9781032077345

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