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La route vers l'indépendance. L'industrie musicale en transition

le 2 avril 2021

L'ouvrage comprend neuf articles en anglais sous la plume de professeurs français (Strasbourg et Toulouse), brésilien (Joao Pessoa), britanniques (Coventry, Lincoln et Londres), polonais (Lodz) et portugais (Lisbonne). Les deux précédents ouvrages de Victor Sarafian publiés par les Presses de l'Université portaient sur Economie et culture (2006) et L’état de l’industrie musicale (2014).

The collection of articles in this book  looks at many aspects of the independent music industry... its past, present and future prospects. Technology has changed how music is produced, distributed and consumed. From the advent of the gramaphone to the advent of napster, technology has shaped the economic and cultural aspects of the music industry.
At the turn of the last century, the future of record labels looked bleak. The rapid development of the internet threatened to cut out the middleman between band and fan. At the click of the mouse, fans could download music for free. More and more bands started to use platforms such as Youtube and Myspace to promote their music. A new do-it-your-self culture was gaining momentum. Examples of artist leaving their labels were making headines and new business models were emerging.
Although major labels still continue to dominate the music industry, independent labels along with their artists are playing an increasingly influential role in shaping the future of the industry. The Road to Independence is a cross-disciplinary survey of the independent music industry in which researchers and practitioners examine the industry in different countries and different musical genres.

Auteur : Victor Sarafian, Maître de conférences, Langues et littératures anglaises et anglo-saxonnes


- Independent music at "Festas Juninas" in Caruaru / Marília SANTOS
- Remastering the independent past / Stephen BRUEL
- A genealogy of portuguese indie labels ( 1982-2017) / Luiz Alberto MOURA
- From majors to indies: the portuguese record industry of classical music as a case study / Tiago Manuel DA HORA
- Metal for the masses: how indie metal labels have adapted for the digital era / Kyle J. MESSICK
- Cherry red: a case study of independence / Danny HAGAN
- Rock in opposition: a workshop for a social utopia / Jacopo COSTA
- Between donation and investment: a study of a crowdfunding platform that aimed at being an independent record label / Patryk GALUSZKA

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