P.U.S.S : The state of the music industry


L'état de l'industrie musicale - Civilisations n° 13

Table des matières

par Victor Sarafian

Downloading is Killing Music: The Recording Industry’s Piracy Panic Narrative
David Arditi

"The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same": Where power lies in the twenty-first century music industry
Dr. Jim Rogers

Diy Noise and Compositional Horizons : Indie Musicians and Promoters in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Billy Geoghegan and Kevin Meehan

Les rapports entre les labels indépendants et les majors
Pierre Roujou de Boubée

Crowdfunding Music. The value of social networks and social capital in participatory music production
Milena Cassella and Francesco D’Amato

Recordings, rights and risks: Intermediaries and the changing music industries
Keith Negus

An Odd Blend of Two Cultures: Rap Music’s Street Culture and the Music Industry
David Diallo

The Gold Disc : One Million Pop Fans Can’t Be Wrong ?
Richard Osborne

Patriotic Palaces of Pleasure ? The Popular Music Industry in 1900
John Mullen

The Live Music Industry in Wales: the Sustainability and Working Practices of a Nation
Dr Paul Carr

Offline and Online: Liveness in the Australian Music IndustriesSarah Keith, Diane Hughes, Denis Crowdy, Guy Morrow and Mark Evans 

“Behind the scenes”: A biographical statement on the French and North-American music industries
François Hugonnier



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