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Dr. Wallentin Gudrun, Assoc. Prof. for Geoinformatics and Ecology

le 4 mars 2022

Dr. Wallentin Dudrun,
Assoc. Prof. for Geoinformatics and Ecology
Paris Lodron University of Salzburg
Manufacture des Tabacs (salle à déterminer)
21, allée de Brienne, Toulouse
Manufacture des Tabacs


Spatial Simulation: Covid, bikes & cows

Assoc. Prof. Gudrun Wallentin, Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS, Univ. of Salzburg

I am excited to join your lab as a guest researcher for one month in March. In my talk, I want to present who I am and what I do. Especially, I will highlight my research activities in spatially explicit modelling of complex systems. In Geoinformatics, we are generally interested in advancing methods for the manipulation, analysis and visualisation of geospatial data. My specific research relates to the explanation of spatial and spatio-temporal patterns on landscape-level with local processes given by the behaviour of individuals in their environment. So I heavily use Agent-based models and Cellular Automata to unveil why systems are like we observe them to be. I have a background in ecology, but the use cases of my models go beyond ecological systems, as you can easily derive from the title of my talk. To operationalise my research, I heavily use the GAMA modelling platform. The main purpose of my stay thus revolves around GAMA and deepening the collaboration with Benoit Gaudou.

Spatial simulation in ecology | individual-based modelling | complex systems

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