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Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis : A hybrid approach

le 8 juin 2022

Dr. Morteza Yazdani
Manufacture des Tabacs, bâtiment F (Salle MF105)
Manufacture des Tabacs
Abstract: The role of decision-making systems in different applications are becoming considerably important specially in sustainable development and interdisciplinary subjects. Decision making methods and models are extensively contributing to human life and multi criteria decision analysis (MCDA) as an important instrument can assist in exploring innovative solution for complex problem of smart cities. Decision support systems in combined versions enable policy makers to such conditions (Yazdani et al. 2020).
Many decision-making models have been developed based on multiple objectives (criteria). Some of them are utilized for weighting the criteria while others are built for ranking (rating) each alternative. For instance, DEMATEL or BWM methods can be implemented for obtaining the weight (importance), however method like TOPSIS is specifically designed to rank the alternatives. The method that is presented in this seminar is called combined compromise solution (CoCoSo) (Yazdani et al. 2019) It includes a unique algorithm that has advantages over other methods, for example the strategy for testing accuracy of the results or effect of rank reversal. In addition, when we confront with large number of alternatives the algorithm shows better outcomes comparing other methods. The method has received considerable attention among decision making experts and author developed different version of that. With some examples, the applicability and extension of CoCoSo will be discussed.
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