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"Optimal emission-reducing deployment of shared offices", séminaire de l'IRIT

le 10 mars 2022

Manufacture des Tabacs
Manufacture des Tabacs (salle à déterminer)
21, allée de Brienne, Toulouse

Un séminaire tenu par Matthieu Mastio, Ingénieur de Recherche @Odyssée, membre de l'équipe SMAC.

Urban planning methods inherited from functionalist theory have led to an extreme concentration of the economic activity in the urban and periurban parts of the territory In consequence, congested megalopolis have merged, in which the geographical distribution of urban activities by function tends to produce a dissociation and distancing between workplaces and centers of life.
Shared offices (workspaces capable of accommodating teleworkers, entrepreneurs or remote employees of company offices) represent a major lever for action on transport demand, by reducing this mobility. The distance traveled can be reduced with the democratization of shared offices, thus saving the CO2 emissions, energy and road maintenance costs, and improving the quality of life of the commuters.

The choice of office locations strongly influences their potential use, and strategically chosen locations are critical to maximize their combined impact.

We will present a method developed to provide decision-making entities with a global vision allowing to define an optimal combination of shared offices. We address the entire working population likely to relocate their activity to less dense areas. To do so, we rely on computer simulation and optimization, which are powerful tools for precisely testing the territorial impacts of the proposed schemes before deploying them in an operational context.
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